Homecoming & Prom Flower Trends

With Homecoming dance around the corner – and prom a few months away – we are noticing a trend toward handheld flower bouquets and nosegays instead of the more traditional corsages and wrist-lets.

Small hand-held nosegays are bunched flowers with the stems wrapped in pretty ribbons.  Once you choose your flowers & colors, you’ll want your ribbon to coordinate well with your dress and your flowers.  Ask your florist about adding bling, wire, faux jewels, feathers and beads.  Keeping it simpler is also becoming a trend, so don’t be afraid to forgo the extras!

Popular flowers include sweetheart roses, standard roses, alstroemeria, daisies, peonies and other smaller flowers. But anything in season is probably an option. This is your chance to make your homecoming flowers as unique as you are! We are happy to work with you to create the perfect look to match your perfect dress, too!  

We often get asked if your flowers need to coordinate with your date’s corsage or flowers. That’s fun to do but totally optional.

We recommend coming in to order so you can see all the options available, especially if you are doing added bling. And you can chooses to pick up your flowers and avoid a delivery fee, or just focus on getting ready and having your flowers delivered.

If you have any questions or already know just what you want, give us a call at :  817-924-2211


Red Roses Nosegay Handheld Flowers for Homecoming or Prom
Pink Daisies and Blush Colored Nosegay
Purple & Red Nosegay

How Administrative Professionals Make Our Lives Easier

Wednesday, April 23, is Administrative Professionals Day.  On this day, we take the time to thank those who help make the offices run smoothly: secretaries, administrative assistants, executive assistants, office managers, and the many others who fall under the administrative professional umbrella.  These professionals do a lot to make our lives easier.  Here are just a few things we have them to thank for.

They handle client scheduling and can often deal with some of the basic questions clients have without bothering you.

They answer the phones.  It sounds like a small thing, but you’d be surprised how many phone calls you’d have to field if you didn’t have an administrative professional.

They deal with your scheduling.  Today, many use computer programs to see your schedule and add items to it.  Then they make sure you know what’s going on so you can prepare for each meeting.

They’re usually the office expert on using that giant copier/printer/fax machine/super complicated piece of technology that seems to always jam or have some other problem.

They keep all the records for the office and can usually find whatever piece of information you need within a few minutes.

They keep things fun!  Your office manager makes sure birthdays are recognized, holiday parties are organized, and that the office looks good.

They make sure you always have the tools and supplies you need to do your job.  They’re the keepers of the supply closet, and they’ll make sure you’ve got plenty of those pens you like and the post-it notes you use.

These are just a few things your administrative professionals do for you and for the office as a whole.  Be sure to thank them on April 23!  We can help by providing some amazing administrative professionals day flowers and gifts in Fort Worth, TX.

Holiday Fun in Fort Worth

Christmas time is here again!  While many people will be spending Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with their families, there are still plenty of days to get out there and see some of the great holiday events going on in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.  Here are a few of the best ones.

On Dec. 16 and 19, the Dallas Wind Symphony presents “Horns for the Holidays.”  The concerts will be at the Allen Performing Arts Center on the 16th and at the Meyerson Symphony Center on the 19th.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be in town for a post-Christmas concert on December 30th.  If you love their modern interpretation of some of the most traditional Christmas songs, get your tickets now for their appearance at the American Airlines Center.

The Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District is where Cowboy Santa will be making his appearance.  Your kids can also enjoy pony rides and more in the Stockyards during the holiday season.

There are a number of other holiday shows and performances going on.  Check out the various shows by the Dallas Philharmonic and those being held at the Bass Performance Hall and the Caca Manana Theater

Don’t forget to order your Christmas Flowers in Fort Worth, TX!

Thanksgiving Traditions to Start

Do you and your family have any Thanksgiving traditions you do each year?  Even if you already have some, you can always start a new one or two that are uniquely yours.  Here are a few different traditions you could add to your Thanksgiving:

•    Watch the Thanksgiving Day parade together.

•    Pick a traditional dish to make every year, or try a new recipe every year to spice things up.

•    Use a decoration or two that have been handed down from your parents, or buy/create a decoration to use every year and pass down (perhaps make one for each child).

•    Start a Thanksgiving Day game tournament.

•    Discuss things your thankful for.

Let us help make your Thanksgiving special by providing some beautiful Thanksgiving flowers in Fort Worth, TX.

Halloween Party Checklist

If you’re preparing for Halloween, you might feel a little overwhelmed.  There’s a lot involved in throwing the perfect Halloween party.  Having a handy checklist like this one can certainly help make it less crazy.  Here are some things you’ll need:

•    Decorations – bats, ghosts, witches, jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, etc.  Go with cartoon decorations if you’ve got a lot of kids or are doing a children’s party.
•    A costume!
•    Candy for trick-or-treaters
•    Some fake cobwebs and plastic spiders
•    Some yard decorations like fake tombstones
•    A great punch recipe
•    Some finger foods and desserts that look like severed fingers, eyeballs, etc.
•    If you’ll have kids at this party, you may want to have some party games for them
•    If this is mainly an adult party, you might want to look for some Halloween-themed mixed drink recipes
•    Spooky Halloween music.  Create a play list of popular songs like “The Monster Mash” or the Ghostbusters theme.

Don’t forget a great centerpiece!  We deliver super spooky Halloween flowers in Fort Worth, TX.

Fall Flower Colors Make a Great Decorating Palette

Have you done any fall decorating yet?  There are a lot of great colors you can use in the fall.  Many people go with the colors found in nature, such as those of the falling leaves and fall flowers.  You can use these gorgeous seasonal colors in a way that will complement the beautiful falling leaves and the crisp weather.

When it comes to colors, dark reds, oranges, and yellows are the standard colors of fall.  You can also use other dark colors.  A dark purple looks nice with red and even some golden yellows.  Dark green and brown are also good options, especially if you’re going with a fall tree kind of color scheme.  You’ll find napkins, paper plates, and candles in these colors, and those are all perfect for a fall get together or for just decorating your home.  You might already have a fall colored table runner and placemats to decorate your table with, but if you don’t, you’ll find some great choices in many department stores.

When it comes to fall flowers, there are a number of great options.  Late blooming flowers are often the best.  Fall Aster is a good option if you want some brighter colors to go with your darker fall shades, although they may not match perfectly.  If you want something that will go with the reds, browns, and yellows of fall, look at Copper Canyon Daisy, Marigold, Mountain Sage, and Goldenrod.  For bright colors, some Lilies, Chrysanthemums, and Caryopteris are nice.  Orange and yellow roses are also a nice fit.

Want some help with your fall flowers in Fort Worth, TX?  Give us a call!

Late Summer Flowers

There are some gorgeous flowers that only bloom in the late summer months and early fall.  While they’re not always on people’s lists of favorite flowers, some of them are very pretty.  Here are a few of these late summer flowers.

•    Monkshood
•    Japanese Anemone
•    Jimsonweed
•    Sweet Everlasting
•    White Vervain
•    Calico Aster
•    White Boltonia
•    Nodding Burr Marigold
•    Goldenrod
•    Evening Primrose
•    Partridge Pea
•    Morning Glory
•    New York Aster
•    Butterfly Bush
•    Bluebeard

You might have some of these amazing flowers growing in your own garden.  Which ones are your favorites?  We have a number of bouquets we can make using late summer flowers in Fort Worth, TX.

Help Your Flowers Survive the Summer Heat

The summer heat is in full swing, and you may have noticed how it’s affecting your flowers.  Their bright blooms may be looking a little droopy!  Now’s the time to get out your emergency flower care kit and give them a boost.  The tips below will help you keep your flowers alive and well during the hottest days of the year.

First, be sure you’re watering your flowers.  Nothing kills them more quickly in the summer than lack of water.  If you forget for a few days, you may be able to save them, but a week or more without water will surely kill your flowers.  Do your best to water during the cooler parts of the day, too, so most of the water will sink into the ground instead of evaporating.

If you have perennials, be sure to cut them back so they will grow out bigger and better later on.  Deadheading other flowers will also produce this same effect, plus it helps keep your flowerbeds looking nice.

If you live in areas hit by heavy summer storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes, you may need to cover your flowers if you know heavy winds are coming.  You might also need to bring outdoor potted flowers inside to protect them from the storms.

Want to bring some of these beautiful, bright flowers indoors?  Let us deliver summer flowers in Fort Worth, TX, today.

Fourth of July Fun

There are a lot of lovely flowers that look great on a Fourth of July table.  They fit right in with U.S. flags, Uncle Sam figures, and any other Fourth of July decorations you happen to have.

Almost every florist has a patriotic selection of flowers on hand.  These arrangements are perfect for the Fourth of July.  Many feature red, white, and even blue flowers.  Clear blue or white vases are usually used, and there are often small flags included with the arrangement.  Some even include large flag balloons.

Roses, daisies, carnations, gerberas, chrysanthemums, blue iris, delphinium, and more are often used.  Deciding which flowers and which arrangement you want shouldn’t be too difficult.  Since the color schemes are similar on all arrangements, the main decision is how large of a patriotic bouquet you want.  Smaller tables will look better with smaller arrangements, while larger bouquets work better on larger tables.

Need a custom Fourth of July flower arrangement delivered in Fort Worth, TX?  We can help you out!  Just give us a call and one of our florists will work with you to create the perfect arrangement.

Mother’s Rule Book

Mom had a lot of rules for us growing up.  They were all meant to teach us a lesson of some sort and make sure we great up happily and healthily.  Here are a few different rules your mom might have had in her rule book.

•    Do your homework first, then you can play.

•    Do your chores.

•    Be home by your curfew.

•    No snacks before dinner.

•    Brush your teeth before bed.

•    Clean up your room.

•    Eat your vegetables!

•    Don’t watch more than an hour of TV!

•    Don’t stay up past your bedtime.

•    No, you can’t have money for that unless you earn it.

Show your mom how much you love her and her rules by sending her Mother’s Day flowers in Fort Worth, Texas.