Mother’s Rule Book

Mom had a lot of rules for us growing up.  They were all meant to teach us a lesson of some sort and make sure we great up happily and healthily.  Here are a few different rules your mom might have had in her rule book.

•    Do your homework first, then you can play.

•    Do your chores.

•    Be home by your curfew.

•    No snacks before dinner.

•    Brush your teeth before bed.

•    Clean up your room.

•    Eat your vegetables!

•    Don’t watch more than an hour of TV!

•    Don’t stay up past your bedtime.

•    No, you can’t have money for that unless you earn it.

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Why Moms Never Stop Mothering

As a mom, part of your job is to always mother your kids.  You’re always going to be there for them in some way or another.  Even when they’re adults and have children of their own, they’re not above a little motherly advice every now and then.  While you might not always mother your children in the same way, you’ll always be their mother.

The reason moms never stop mothering is because, as a mom, you’ll always see your children as your babies.  Even when they’re adults with families of their own, they will always be your children.  Of course, children might not always appreciate your mothering, especially when you’re telling them that they’re making mistakes.  However, as a mom, you always have their best interests at heart and are trying to do what you think is best.  In the end, even if they disagree with you, they know you’re coming from a place of love.

How has mom mothered you over the years?
-She gave you life!
-She fed you and changed you
-She got up with you during the night
-She put a band aid on your hurt knee and kissed it to make it all better
-She helped you learn to drive
-She talked to you about your future education
-She gave you the emotional support to get you through the bad times

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