Late Summer Flowers

There are some gorgeous flowers that only bloom in the late summer months and early fall.  While they’re not always on people’s lists of favorite flowers, some of them are very pretty.  Here are a few of these late summer flowers.

•    Monkshood
•    Japanese Anemone
•    Jimsonweed
•    Sweet Everlasting
•    White Vervain
•    Calico Aster
•    White Boltonia
•    Nodding Burr Marigold
•    Goldenrod
•    Evening Primrose
•    Partridge Pea
•    Morning Glory
•    New York Aster
•    Butterfly Bush
•    Bluebeard

You might have some of these amazing flowers growing in your own garden.  Which ones are your favorites?  We have a number of bouquets we can make using late summer flowers in Fort Worth, TX.

Help Your Flowers Survive the Summer Heat

The summer heat is in full swing, and you may have noticed how it’s affecting your flowers.  Their bright blooms may be looking a little droopy!  Now’s the time to get out your emergency flower care kit and give them a boost.  The tips below will help you keep your flowers alive and well during the hottest days of the year.

First, be sure you’re watering your flowers.  Nothing kills them more quickly in the summer than lack of water.  If you forget for a few days, you may be able to save them, but a week or more without water will surely kill your flowers.  Do your best to water during the cooler parts of the day, too, so most of the water will sink into the ground instead of evaporating.

If you have perennials, be sure to cut them back so they will grow out bigger and better later on.  Deadheading other flowers will also produce this same effect, plus it helps keep your flowerbeds looking nice.

If you live in areas hit by heavy summer storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes, you may need to cover your flowers if you know heavy winds are coming.  You might also need to bring outdoor potted flowers inside to protect them from the storms.

Want to bring some of these beautiful, bright flowers indoors?  Let us deliver summer flowers in Fort Worth, TX, today.

Take a Summer Vacation at Home

Summer is coming to a close, but it’s not too late to take a vacation.  Some people don’t really want to go out of town, though.  They either don’t like to travel or just don’t want to spend the money that a true out of town vacation takes.  If you want a vacation but don’t want to go out of town, why not take some time off work and stay at home?  A stay-cation, as it’s called, is a vacation spent entirely at home.  While it’s not an exotic getaway, it can be the relaxing, re-energizing vacation you need.

Some people just take a week off and do absolutely nothing!  They watch TV, go out to lunch and a movie, catch up on magazines or books…basically, they rest and relax.  Sure, they might do a little housework, but for the most part, they veg out, sleep in, and pretend work doesn’t exist.  Some even turn off the phone so they’re not disturbed and don’t read their email.

On the other hand, some people spend their at-home vacation catching up on chores and things they’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t had the time for, like doing some home repairs or projects.  Some wouldn’t really call that a vacation, but others love doing this type of stuff, and for them, it’s a lot of fun.  Plus, it’s not always easy to find time to do these types of chores, so sometimes a vacation at home is the only way to get them done.

Don’t want to take a whole week off?  You could take a few days off at the end of the week so you can have an extended weekend.  Some people might use this time to take a mini-vacation, while others just like to stay at home.  If you have family nearby, you could go visit them.  You could also go to your local zoo, spend some time at a museum checking out the new exhibits, or returning to a local attraction you haven’t visited recently.

Don’t forget to order summer flowers in Fort Worth, TX, to brighten up your vacation!

Summer Fun in Fort Worth, Texas

Summer is halfway over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little more time outdoors!  You can get in a lot more summer fun in Fort Worth before the weather starts turning chilly.  Here are a few ideas if you aren’t sure how you want to spend the rest of your summer.

Go swimming at the local pool or in your own pool if you have one.  Another good swimming option is Burger’s Lake.

Have a picnic in the park, or just go to play.

Visit Cowtown Cattlepen Maze, a 5,400 square foot maze that is frequently rearranged so it’s never the same!  This is a unique type of entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else.

Have a cookout.

Visit the Fort Worth Stockyards Stable and go horseback riding.

Go to the Fort Worth Zoo.

Go hiking, biking, or skating.

Set outdoors and read, listen to music, talk, or simply enjoy the beautiful weather.

Want to get out of the sun?  Head indoors to the Amon Carter Museum of American Art or any of the other awesome art galleries and museums located in Fort Worth.

Go to the Nasher Sculpture Garden.

Bring some of the bright summer colors indoors with some of our amazing summer bouquets in Fort Worth, TX.

Tom & Sara visit Aalsmeer Flower Auction in The Netherlands


Aalsmeer Flower Auction – Picture thousands of cut flowers, thousands, in boxes on carte 7 ft. tall wheeling one after another like cars on a train track. They were cut in the fields the evening before, transported from other countries throughtout Europe, Africa and South America to arrive at the . This goes on five days a week. What a sight for Tom and me to watch as this carefully orchestrated routine went on and these flowers were on their way to wholesales, retail shops and customers like you and me. We must have said “wow” with each amazed gasp. The building is so huge that you can hardly see the end of it….only flowers. Bidders set in a large enclosed room with the “flower carts” rolling by and there are 13 other bidding rooms just as big in other buildings with auctions going on simultaneously. The amount of enclosed building space is equal to 120 football fields. We would have loved to have talked to some of the bidders and inspectors, but maybe another time….

– Sara Ward (owner, TCU Florist)

Summer Fun for the Family

Summer is here!  There are a lot of fun summer activities for the entire family out there!  Some of them do require you to endure the heat, while others are indoors.  Here are a few family-friendly summer activities.

Go to a local park and playground.  Besides the swings and other playground equipment, many parks have small ponds that are home to ducks or geese.  You can bring along some old bread crumbs and feed them, which many kids love.  Some playgrounds also have what are called spraygrounds, areas that have fun sprinklers and other water toys.  Cost: free!

Go to the zoo.  Kids love the zoo, and there’s something magical about it for parents, too.  Many zoos upgrade or add new animal exhibits over the years, so the zoo might even have something new and different for you.  Cost: medium, although food and souvenirs may drive the cost up.

Go to a local amusement park.  If it’s really hot and there’s a water park nearby, that can be a great way of staying cool and having a lot of fun!  Cost: medium.

Plan a family vacation.  This doesn’t have to be a huge trip, although it can be if you have the funds.  A weekend trip to the beach or to a theme park can be just as fun as a week-long trip to Disney World or another major location.  This type of trip does require scheduling time off and reservations.  Cost: medium to very high, depending on where you go and how long your vacation lasts.

Go for a walk or ride your bikes.  If each family member has a bicycle, go for a ride.  If you don’t have bikes, go for a walk around the neighborhood.  This is also a good way of exercising and walking your dogs, if you have any.  Cost: free for walking, low if you need to perform any bike maintenance.

These are just a few great summer activities that are fun for the whole family!

Bring the bright, cheery look of the outdoors into your home!  Let us supply you with some great summer flowers in Fort Worth, TX.

Summer Flowers, plus Blog Readers get a Discount!

Summer may be coming to an end, but summer flowers are still blooming!  Here at TCU Florist, we have a number of different summer flowers in stock.  There’s no better solution for turning someone’s day around than to send them a bright, cheery, vibrant bouquet of summer flowers.  Here are just a few different options we have available:

Sunflowers!  Nothing is as bright or as cheery as big, yellow sunflowers.  We have a great arrangement of beautiful blooms in a small clear vase.  These sunny sunflowers can help anyone who is feeling a little down.

How about daisies?  Daisies are also very happy little flowers.  They have a very different look than sunflowers.  A nice arrangement of daisies with other flowers, like yellow roses, makes a nice mixture. 

How about something colorful?  Orange roses, Asiatic lilies, and carnations are bright and colorful.  An arrangement of these bright flowers can turn a dull room into a happy, energetic place.
Did you just send your daughter away to college?  Why not send her an arrangement of bright gerberas?  These charismatic flowers come in pink, red, orange, and yellow.  They’re simple, pretty, and colorful, and they’ll turn any dorm room into a paradise.

If you need some help selecting and sending any of these great summer flowers to your friends and loved ones, TCU Florist can help.  We have a huge variety of different flowers available, and our designers have years of experience in creating outstanding, unique arrangements to match any occasion.  Plus, just for reading this blog, you can get $10 off your next order!  Just visit our shop and use promotion code BL8.  There’s no minimum order, and the discount applies to all of our arrangements!  Visit our shop and find the perfect flowers for the special people in your life.