Holiday Organizing Tips

Keeping yourself organized during the holidays can be a life saver.  If you get too much going at once, you’re likely to forget about something, and you don’t need that stress around the holidays.  So here are a few different ideas for keeping yourself organized and avoiding stress.

•    Make a list of everyone you need to purchase gifts for.
•    Set a budget for each person and try not to spend more than the set amount.
•    Also add up all of these gift budgets to make certain your monthly budget can handle the cost.  If not, you may have to reconsider some of the more expensive gifts on your list.
•    Gather all of the needed addresses before you start writing your Christmas cards so you can do it quickly and easily.
•    Put a note on each gift so you remember who it’s for, especially if you buy several items that are similar.
•    If you have several Christmas gatherings, you can use large cloth shopping bags to group gifts by event.  This also makes it easier to transport them.
•    When you’re taking down your decorations later in the month, organize them by room or area.  Put all of your Christmas tree decorations together, all of your dining room items together, etc.  This will help you be a little more organized next year.

Try not to stress too much during the holiday season.  Remember, the point is to enjoy being with your friends and family!

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