Halloween Decorations

Do you have any of your Halloween decorations up yet?  If not, you should get started—the holiday is almost here!  Some people love putting up tons of Halloween decorations and really go all-out, while others keep things to a minimum.  Either way, it’s incredibly fun to decorate for this holiday.

Many people like to get their entire families involved in making Halloween amazing.  While you can purchase a lot of decorations and hang them up together, it can be even more fun to make some decorations yourself.  While jack o’ lanterns are the most obvious homemade decoration, there are many other options.

Carving pumpkins is a Halloween tradition, of course.  Even some of the younger kids can carve faces if you help them.  Adults and older kids can get creative and carve more than just a silly face.  If you’d rather no one handle knives, you can always paint on the pumpkin or glue/tape different things onto it to create a fun piece of art.

There are other decorations you and your family can create.  For example, you could get blocks of Styrofoam or cardboard and create tombstones for your front yard.  You could also make paper bats or ghosts for hang around the home.  For crafty adults, how about making a Halloween wreath for your front door?  And don’t forget baking!  The whole family can help decorate Halloween cookies or cupcakes.

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