April Flowers

Headed outdoors to look at the beautiful April flowers?  There are many great flowers in bloom during this month.  When you’re out walking through the park, you might come across some of these gorgeous flowers.

Queen Anne’s lace, a popular filler in bouquets, blooms in April.  While it’s not usually used by itself, these little white flowers are very pretty.

The aster is another popular filler flower.  It’s actually a type of daisy and has flowers that look similar to daisies.

Carnations and spray carnations are in bloom during April, too.  That’s why you’ll see many of them used in corsages during prom season.

The iris doesn’t bloom for very long, but when it does, it’s bold and bright!

The peony is also only available for a short amount of time, but these extravagant flowers are a joy to behold when they’re in bloom.

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