Late Summer Flowers

There are some gorgeous flowers that only bloom in the late summer months and early fall.  While they’re not always on people’s lists of favorite flowers, some of them are very pretty.  Here are a few of these late summer flowers.

•    Monkshood
•    Japanese Anemone
•    Jimsonweed
•    Sweet Everlasting
•    White Vervain
•    Calico Aster
•    White Boltonia
•    Nodding Burr Marigold
•    Goldenrod
•    Evening Primrose
•    Partridge Pea
•    Morning Glory
•    New York Aster
•    Butterfly Bush
•    Bluebeard

You might have some of these amazing flowers growing in your own garden.  Which ones are your favorites?  We have a number of bouquets we can make using late summer flowers in Fort Worth, TX.

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