Tom & Sara visit Aalsmeer Flower Auction in The Netherlands


Aalsmeer Flower Auction – Picture thousands of cut flowers, thousands, in boxes on carte 7 ft. tall wheeling one after another like cars on a train track. They were cut in the fields the evening before, transported from other countries throughtout Europe, Africa and South America to arrive at the . This goes on five days a week. What a sight for Tom and me to watch as this carefully orchestrated routine went on and these flowers were on their way to wholesales, retail shops and customers like you and me. We must have said “wow” with each amazed gasp. The building is so huge that you can hardly see the end of it….only flowers. Bidders set in a large enclosed room with the “flower carts” rolling by and there are 13 other bidding rooms just as big in other buildings with auctions going on simultaneously. The amount of enclosed building space is equal to 120 football fields. We would have loved to have talked to some of the bidders and inspectors, but maybe another time….

– Sara Ward (owner, TCU Florist)

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