Fall Decorating Fun

There are many fun decorations you can make for the fall.  Some don’t involve that much work at all, and the whole family can help make them.  Others might require you to get out your trusty glue gun, but even these projects aren’t that complicated.  Here are a few different ideas.

•    Create a table centerpiece using small pumpkins, pine cones, fall-colored candles, fall flowers, and other items.

•    Make a wreath for your front door using items you can find outdoors, such as leaves, small twigs, pine cones, and anything else that reminds you of all.  You don’t have to limit yourself to items found outdoors, either.

•    Carve or paint pumpkins.

•    If you sew, you can always make a few new pillows for the fall, or you can go all-out and make a new quilt.  Other sewing projects include making a new table runner, new placements, or new curtains.

•    Bake some tasty fall foods, like pumpkin pie

•    Make decorations for Halloween or Thanksgiving.  These can be small hand-turkeys made from pinecones or elaborate Halloween creations.  You’re only limited by your imagination and crafting skill!

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Autumn Colors, Designs, and Flowers

Now that fall is here, it’s time to do a little redecorating.  With every season, the colors and designs shift a bit.  When it comes to autumn, many people like to change out their bright summer decorations for something a little darker and richer.  The color scheme of fall is a pretty simple one at first look, but decorating with it can be a little challenging.

The colors of autumn are the colors of falling leaves: red, orange, brown, and yellow.  You see these colors everywhere outdoors, so why not bring them indoors?  These colors can be accented a bit with dark green, dark purple, and even a bit of dark blue if you use it carefully.  These are pretty strong colors, so you don’t want to go overboard with them.

Make some basic changes to your home décor: replace those lighter colored, summer scented candles with some darker colored ones that smell of autumn, such as pumpkin spice.  Also look at things that are easy to change.  You don’t want to redecorate your entire home, so switch out things like your pillow cases, your blankets, and the throw pillows on your sofa.  These are things that don’t require a lot of work.

Flowers are certainly a must for just about any décor theme.  However, with fall, you can bring in a few other outdoor flavors.  For example, pine cones are a very fall item, as are falling leaves.  These can be mixed with sunflowers and daises to create an amazing table centerpiece.  You can also add in some gourds and pumpkins to really give you a nice fall touch.

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