Thanksgiving Traditions to Start

Do you and your family have any Thanksgiving traditions you do each year?  Even if you already have some, you can always start a new one or two that are uniquely yours.  Here are a few different traditions you could add to your Thanksgiving:

•    Watch the Thanksgiving Day parade together.

•    Pick a traditional dish to make every year, or try a new recipe every year to spice things up.

•    Use a decoration or two that have been handed down from your parents, or buy/create a decoration to use every year and pass down (perhaps make one for each child).

•    Start a Thanksgiving Day game tournament.

•    Discuss things your thankful for.

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Thanksgiving Decorating

Is it your turn to host the big Thanksgiving dinner?  If it is, you’re probably already thinking about what you need to buy and do before the big day.  Yes, hosting Thanksgiving can be a stressful event, especially if you have a big family and are playing hotel to out of town guests as well as cooking.  However, there’s a lot you can do to prepare for the holiday ahead of time, and one of those things is decorating.

You may not want to inundate your home with turkeys and pilgrims right away, and that’s OK.  Instead, start decorating with fall colors and items that aren’t necessarily Thanksgiving related.  For example, you can put a wreath on your door that includes fall leaves, sunflowers, branches, and pine cones.  It’s fine for Thanksgiving, but it also works very well for a general fall decoration.

The same goes for your table.  A tablecloth in dark brown, orange, or red adds a fall flavor to your table without making it feel like it’s Thanksgiving for a month.  Go ahead and put out some fall candles (pumpkin spice is a popular scent) and add a few small pumpkins or gourds to your mantle.  These items make for great fall decorations and can be put out as early as September if you like.

When it comes closer to Thanksgiving, go ahead and put out your decorative pilgrims, turkeys, and order up a nice arrangement of fall flowers for your centerpiece.  Some people like to wait until the week of Thanksgiving to put these items out, and that’s fine—you’re not really impressing anyone with your Thanksgiving items until the day itself, after all.

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