Popular Winter Flowers

Now that the cold winter months have arrived, you may think that all those bright, amazing flowers are gone.  But there are some flowers that not only bloom but truly thrive in the winter.  If you want some beautiful, in-season flowers, here are a few you might see blooming during these chilly months.

-Witch hazel – sure, it has some medicinal properties, but witch hazel is also a blooming shrub that has bright orange and yellow flowers during the winter.

-Cyclamen blooms in the early winter and has small pink flowers.

-The winter daphne is another flowering shrub that features small groups of flowers.

-Snowdrops have small flowers that droop over, making them look like little bells.

-Gladiolus bloom in the winter and have a strong scent to them, something some winter flowers lack.

-Poinsettias are traditional Christmas flowers that bloom during the cold winter months.

These are just some of the gorgeous winter flowers out there.  Check out some of the winter flower arrangements in Fort Worth, TX, that we have available.  Of course, we also have other flowers and plants available if you want to bring a little bit of spring into your winter home.

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